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Naseema McElroy

Taking control of my finances helped me overcome bankruptcy, divorce, and break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. I share my lessons to help others benefit from the freedom of financial independence.

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Nick Smith

I work with Clients who are motivated to find a new budgeting tool, which they are committed to routinely use, which creates transparency for understanding what financial steps should be completed to reach their selected financial goal.

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Kristin Wade

Budgeting helped me navigate many life challenges such as income changes, divorce, becoming a single mom, and leaving my career as a nurse. My passion is helping healthcare workers make their paychecks work for them, not the other way around.

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Alfredo Matos

I work with professional millennials with excellent incomes who don't take full advantage of their financial potential yet but feel ready to start. I teach families how to use their budget to make progress and achieve their goals as a team.

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Anita Dombovari

Full transparency, I wasn’t always good with money. I remember when I could only afford to put $7 of gas into my tank at a time. But I got better. I put in the time to learn about finance and money management. I’ve built a real estate portfolio, traveled the world, and saved for numerous $10,000+ investments easily using the exact method of budgeting I’m going to teach you.

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Trevor Vance

I’m Trevor Vance of Intentional Budgets, and my personal finance journey has been through the valley of debt and I have climbed out into the land of “Debt Freedom”. It wasn’t an easy journey, and it didn’t happen overnight. What did happen though was I found joy in the simple and daily task of budgeting.

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Tashieka Ma’at

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed with managing money? I empower ambitious individuals and families to transform their financial overwhelm into a clear path towards financial freedom and abundance. My goal is to help you learn how to budget and create a plan that aligns with the life you desire while securing your financial foundation.

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Spencer Stephenson

My goal is to help young adults learn more about personal finance, pay off debt, and get control of their finances. My journey started after working in insurance claims and seeing how one disaster could financially ruin a family. I have helped clients who are new to budgeting as well as seasoned professionals.

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Randi DeGraw

Are you tired of worrying about your finances or feeling discouraged about your financial situation? Let me help you shift your money mindset to one of empowerment. Whether you need to learn the basics or need an accountability partner, I will give you the judgment-free zone to make the right decisions for you and your life.

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Melody Barthelemy

I am a millennial on a mission to teach people about the freedom that comes with ditching debt and living the life they choose! Whether you are a first-gen like me breaking poor generational money habits, a high earning millennial unsure of where your money is going, or just getting started, I am here to help!

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Jordan Denae

I love to work with individuals who are new to budgeting! Whether you have a fixed salary, variable income, or a mix of both, my goal is to empower you to align your money with your unique priorities.

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Jacqueline Keeley

Hello friend! My name is Jacqueline, and I am an actress and director living in NYC. I have an unnatural love of budgeting and for teaching others how to do it =). I have been working as a financial coach since 2018 and have coached hundreds of people to success!

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Daniel Aaron

I believe no one should HAVE to work in their 50s. My mission is to help healthcare professionals transform their financial journey and build wealth faster than expected. I'll guide you to conquer debt while making your money work for you so you don’t have to work so hard for money. Click 'Learn More' for details.

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Celia Benton

Budgeting impacts every aspect of our lives. Being proactive with your finances creates a feeling of empowerment that extends beyond money. Starting this process can be scary or overwhelming and I want you to know you’re not alone. I’ve helped all kinds of people, in all kinds of situations, feel confident about their money. The key is to have a manageable system that adapts to all the beautiful craziness of life.

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Aitzarelys Negrón

I am making the path to sustainable financial freedom easy to understand for individuals and small business owners, so that they can earn money, manage money and master their money mindsets. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed when it comes to money, not sure where to start and seeking a safe space to talk about it all, I’m your coach.

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Some fine print about our fine coaches.

"Budget Coaches" are financial coaches. While some are financial advisors they do not serve in such capacity on this platform. None of our coaches give investment or insurance advice. While some are accountants they do not serve in such capacity on this platform. Our coaches do not serve as brokers. Our coaches teach the ins and outs of using and living by a budget. Decisions about how money is spent belong to users alone. Our coaches simply help you to use a budget in alignment with your values. Users are not compelled to use a particular coach nor follow their instructions or advice. MyBudgetCoach does not endorse the views or opinions of all coaches on the platform. Users are advised to use their own discretion when receiving advice on this platform.