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Every User Needs a Coach

Our innovative approach to budget coaching.

Budgeting is so amazing! Why doesn't everyone keep a budget?

We agree! Here are the main problems we've seen:

• The learning curve is too steep.
• The educational materials are too general.

But we know how to solve these problems... the answer is Budget Coaches! A good coach can help a user get over the learning curve. A good coach can also tailor their teaching to their client.

If Budget Coaches are the solution... why don't more people use them?

It's a puzzle isn't it? Here we are with this skill people so desperately need. Why don't they hire us more readily?

• The price can be prohibitive.
• It's a leap of faith to get started.

Truth is there is only one of you. And your time is valuable! But you didn't get into this wanting to price out the types of clients who often need you the most... and it's understandable that people are skeptical.

Ok... so how can a Budget Coach reach more clients and be more accessible?

This is where software comes in! With software you can create a digital version of yourself that can help clients in a more affordable way. We call this digital version of you an "avatar." Your avatar can help users get started, suggest category structure, and even respond proactively to common points of confusion. On the whole avatars:

• Lower the barriers to getting started with a coach.
• Give users an easy yes to get started with you.

How do I create my avatar?

Think of your avatar like another piece of content you can produce: like an ebook, or a Youtube video. The power of the avatar is it lives inside the budget. We call this... "contextual help." We think this is a game changer for keeping users engaged and getting them over the learning curve.

Like writing an ebook or creating a video... crafting an avatar takes time! That's why we offer a free 6 week course to help you. Our courses meet 2 nights a week and usually include 15 coaches. We'll be with you each step of the way.

How will I make both passive and active income?

Coaches receive 20% of the user's subscription when a user selects your avatar. This means you'll be making passive income throughout the user's journey:

• When a user first starts and before they meet with you.
• While a client is still actively meeting with you.
• Even when a client has "graduated" and doesn't need as frequent meetings.

Over time you'll be able to build a passive income stream. But you will also earn active income as well. Users on the platform are encouraged to set up Zoom calls with you. You set your own rates.

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Our Values

Coaching Should Be Accessible

Avatars are included for every user at no additional cost. This allows users to get to know you and your style.

Niche Audiences Benefit From Niche Coaching

Budgets are personal. Your avatar is able to ask specific questions and give specific answers. Users love this as they feel seen.

Coaches Should Share The Long Term Benefits

When you help a user become a lifelong budgeter, you should benefit. Be a partner with the app you promote.

For Coaches, By Coaches

We have a public roadmap where coaches vote on the features they want built next. Our Discord is a great place to network with other coaches.

Supporting The Community

MyBudgetCoach is a sponsor for this year's FinCon in Atlanta. We can't wait to see you all in person!

Let's Grow The Industry Together

Budget coaches are awesome. By creating a central place to find one we think more people will jump on board.

What Coaches Are Saying

Hear how coaches are planning to scale their business with MyBudgetCoach.

“Expands my reach”

As a part-time coach, time for me is my biggest barrier to growing my business. As a coach on MyBudgetCoach I have the capability to have numerous users benefiting from my coaching, without me actually having to be on a call, to complete coaching! This has drastically increased the ceiling for my potential client workload. This is also the only budgeting software I know of where as a coach, I get a commission when users continue use of the software and I have access to aggregate user engagement data so I can know where I need to improve. Excited to continue to grow my business with MyBudgetCoach!

“Users can get started in their own time”

I work with a lot of busy people who sometimes find it difficult to make time for live coaching. With MyBudgetCoach they can use my wisdom and get started in their own time, in their pajamas, while multitasking if needed. Then if they do hit a snag and need to have a conversation it can be focused on their question and not take up time with set up mechanics. It’s important to me that time clients pay me for is valuable to them.

Celia Benton, Coaching with Celia
"Something no other budgeting tool offers"

MyBudgetCoach gives people something no other budgeting tool offers. Being able to start the first steps in one's budgeting journey with a virtual coach is very cost effective. It gives the client the ability to get acquainted with the style of their coach and when the time comes for having a live private coaching session... the client is already ahead of the curve, and way more comfortable discussing their finances with the coach.

Alfredo Matos, Cash Viewpoint
"A game changer for my business"

I had reached a point in my business where I was ready to grow, but not sure how to duplicate myself. I was contemplating group coaching or creating a huge online course when I found MyBudgetCoach. This software is absolutely game-changing for me. I get to automate my basic coaching and support users all over the world. They can then book a time with me and warm up to my larger coaching programs. This is the only program that pays coaches monthly commission and supports users from day one with built-in coaching. Win win!

"Builds trust with my audience"

My mission is to make the path to sustainable financial freedom easy to understand, but most importantly, easy to access. MyBudgetCoach has allowed me to meet people exactly where they are in their financial sustainability journey without breaking the bank. This gives me the opportunity to expand my reach without putting a strain on my capacity as the digital coach can support people with the fundamentals while at the same time building trust with my audience. With the fundamentals of budgeting covered, it opens the door to lead generation and conversations around my more in-depth coaching programs and online community. I'm excited to see how MyBudgetCoach will continue to close the gap between client and coach.

Aitzarelys Negrón, Strategies & T.E.A.
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