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Meet the first budgeting app that pairs each of your employees with a personal coach.

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Why do my employees need a budgeting app?

Having a plan for your finances helps break the paycheck to paycheck cycle. When you aren't worried about your bank balance you're more free to thrive in the moment.

Most employers recognize the effects financial stress can have on employee wellbeing and productivity. Many put programs in place to help with their retirement... but financial stress isn't just about the decades down the road. Financial stress is with your employees this month, this week, even today.

A true budget that you live in helps reduce that stress. Our goal is to help people achieve this.

Why do my employees need access to a Budget Coach?

Budgeting is a skill. It takes time and effort to learn. We've found that most people fail to stick with it without guidance and encouragement. Budget coaches solve this problem.

We don't like "one size fits all" approaches to financial coaching. Neither do your employees. We aren't here to offer a single on-site lecture once a year. We want each of your employees to have a choice. They can choose the coach that fits. Each coach has their own unique style that resonates with unique audiences.

On MyBudgetCoach coaches are able to guide users in two ways. The first is virtually, through a digital version on themselves that is available inside the app at all times. The second way is through Zoom calls, tackling specific problems and providing specific advice.

How does the process work? Am I charged for employees that aren't interested?

We aren't like other companies that will charge you a flat rate based on total employee count. Here's what you can expect with us:

• We'll work with you to survey your employees, finding who is interested up front.
• Each enrolled employee will choose their coach from our directory.
• Coaches provide virtual guidance 24/7 and in-person Zoom calls when needed.

By working with employees that are interested only we ensure your investment is worth while.

What if my employees speak another language?

We have several coaches who speak Spanish. Their digital guidance inside the app is available in Spanish as well.

I'd like to schedule a demo to learn more.

Great! We'd love to learn more about your company and how you plan to help your team thrive with their finances. Feel free to grab some time here.

Unique Coaches For Your Unique Team

Each of your employees gets to choose the coach that resonates with them most. Check out our growing directory of coaches.