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I’m Trevor Vance of Intentional Budgets, and my personal finance journey has been through the valley of debt and I have climbed out into the land of “Debt Freedom”. It wasn’t an easy journey, and it didn’t happen overnight. What did happen though was I found joy in the simple and daily task of budgeting.

Creating a plan, having the discipline to use the plan, and adjusting the plan when the curve balls came along. I went from NSF fees being a constant dread and unsure if my debit card would work to joy in paying off our debts and living life. My wife & I eliminated $125,000 of debt in just over 3.5 years. With a budget, we were able to reach that goal and many others.

In its simplest form, a budget is a plan for your money. That’s it. Nothing fancy about that, right? And money is a finite resource for most of us. So you should have a plan for that resource.

With MyBudgetCoach, we’ll take a journey of learning how to budget, so that you can save money, reduce or eliminate your debt, and ultimately be able to live your life. Without a plan, you’re just wandering aimlessly with your money. And budgeting is a skill. That means we need to learn it and use it regularly. That’s what I do. I will teach you how to budget. What are your goals? What do you dream about? You’ll put those in the budget along with your daily, monthly, and not so monthly categories. You’re already learning and you’ve barely started. Are you ready now? Let’s budget!

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"Budget Coaches" are financial coaches. While some are financial advisors they do not serve in such capacity on this platform. None of our coaches give investment or insurance advice. While some are accountants they do not serve in such capacity on this platform. Our coaches do not serve as brokers. Our coaches teach the ins and outs of using and living by a budget. Decisions about how money is spent belong to users alone. Our coaches simply help you to use a budget in alignment with your values. Users are not compelled to use a particular coach nor follow their instructions or advice. MyBudgetCoach does not endorse the views or opinions of all coaches on the platform. Users are advised to use their own discretion when receiving advice on this platform.