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Feel like your income should be enough but it's not? Tired of not making progress? Scared? Frustrated? Then leave all that behind today! Work with me to use your budget as a way to maximize your financial potential. My mission is to help you make progress towards achieving your goals.

My wife and I started our professional careers $45k in debt 15 years ago, but with hard work we became debt-free 3 years later and haven’t looked back. We later became millionaires in our mid-thirties by managing our income wisely. Financial freedom has allowed us to live where we want and to do work we love. It would be my pleasure to help you do the same. I am an engineer, military officer, helicopter pilot, and former GS-13 in the federal government but I’ve found my biggest passion as a financial coach. I love helping people figure out how to make their money do what they want. As owner of Cash Viewpoint Coaching (, I have been privileged to serve many families, especially Latinos. I am a Ramsey-Preferred Financial Coach and have a Master's Degree in Operational Studies from the Command and General and Staff College of the U.S. Army.

My coaching style is "direct" and "calm". Work with me if you want a coach who does not beat around the bush. Work with me if you want to live a debt-free life. If you love debt and/or credit cards, we will not be a good fit. I am a bilingual coach, and you may choose to work with me in either Spanish or English.

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