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Hi there! I'm a Certified Public Accountant and your ally in achieving sustainable financial freedom. My expertise? Guiding individuals and small business owners who feel overwhelmed by their finances towards sustainable financial freedom. My Secret Sauce? Transforming budgeting from a restrictive chore to a 'YES! Plan,' empowering you to confidently say 'YES!' to what you love by aligning your finances with your vision.

My financial awakening began in 2015, a realization that hit home with a layoff in 2020. Despite being a high-income earner, I found myself caught in the debt cycle. This pivotal experience underscored the importance of a purposeful financial plan. In the five years leading up to the layoff, I focused on building an emergency fund and tackling debt, which proved invaluable when I suddenly lost my primary source of income. It was a stark reminder that effective money management goes beyond just cutting costs; it's about creating smart wealth and cultivating multiple streams of income. Today, I stand free of consumer debt, viewing my remaining student loans not as a burden, but as an investment in my future.

If you're ready to improve your financial outlook, I'm here to help with an empowering and transparent approach. We'll navigate the complexities of personal finance together in an easy-to-understand and insightful manner, turning challenges into opportunities. I believe in gently pushing you to clearly recognize the financial behaviors holding you back, as this clarity is crucial for crafting a sustainable plan tailored to your unique situation. Let's partner on this exciting journey towards mastering your finances and achieving your dreams, each step taken with grace and purpose!

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